This Old Apple is Anti-Aging Technology of the Future


Last month, I watched a newly released video with warnings about big pharma….of course I was interested, that’s right up my alley. At the end of the presentation was an order form to buy the book “Miracles from the Vault” Written by Health Science Institute, a group of M.D.s dedicated to helping the reader find the very best and highest quality formulas out there. So…I purchased the book and the light bulb came on: why not write reviews that focus on remedies and products that HSI recommends. a description of the product or remedy and then customer review so you can make a well rounded and informed decision. With hundreds of anti-aging products out there today that cost a dime a dozen or a king’s ransom, I figured this info might be pretty helpful.  Here’s my report for today.

This particular serum stood out simply because of its ancient origins. So, let’s begin with CSI Anti-Aging Fruit Stem Cell Serum.

Testimonial from the book:

JT says: It’s visibly erasing my crowsfeet, and today, when I woke up, there were no bags under my eyes. It works so fast! I noticed a difference in the first week….It wasn’t aregular week either, I was traveling which means my eyes are worse.” According to the book, “Jenny” isn’t easily impressed with new formulas. After she bought it though, she states that she loves it and that she plans to order more..

 What is this Ancient fruit anyway?

It all happens in Switzerland with a tree that grows rare apples. 3 trees are all that remain of these supposedly amazing apples that have incredible anti-aging properties. The Uttwiler Spatlauber apple tree was prized many hundreds of years ago because the apples stored amazingly well….understandably, that was extremely important way back when there were no refrigerators. They didn’t taste great but hey, they lasted a long time, months longer than any other apple in fact.

Fast forward a few hundred years and coureous scientists found out what made this apple stay fresh for so long. Here’s the secret: Stem cells that stay alive a looooong time!

This is the deal….everything alive starts with stem cells. Stem cells have 2 jobs: they renew and repair themselves and generate from a clean slate to become whatever cell is necessary for the living organizm it has become.

Your skin has special stem cell needs

It’s well known that the skin is the body’s largest organ and it has different stem cell needs than any other organ. Skin cells shed and replenish constantly. As we age, the process slows down and skin cells die off quicker than they can be replaced, which means…your skin looks older, faster. Makes sense, right?


This is where the li’l ‘ol  apple, stem cells and technology come together.  
Enter Mibelle Biochemistry, a company who found natural ways to make skin look oh so much younger. The scientists created a unique way to use stem cells. An Anti-aging technology that uses those incredible long living stem cells in the Uttwiler Spatlauber apples.

The Secret is in the Juice

The scientists mentioned, came up with a way to take a tiny sample of stem cells from the actual apple”plant” and then grow more in the lab.

Now, to quote from the book cuz, I just can’t say it better:

“When Mibelle Biochemistry tested the new fomula in a cream (PhytoCellTec” Malus Domestica cream) on subjects with crow’s feet, the results were simply beautiful. During the 4 week trial, the 20 people in the test group, saw their crow’s feet fade away before their eyes, after applying the cream 2 times a day.

Oh yeah, the subjects saw the difference but the scientists went the extra mile and measured the depth of the crow’s feet wrinkles using what’s called the PRIMO’S System. After that 2 weeks, the wrinkles were reduced by 8 percent and after 28 days (the last day of the study), The wrinkle depth decreased by 15 percent!

And, to top it all off, the researchers tested the extract to see how well it protects the skin, so…they illuminated the stem cells with UV rays just as if your skin were being exposed every time you went outside. Human umbilical cord stem cells by themselves didn’t do very well but with the apple extract added there was minute loss, only 10 percent!

And guess what? CSI Anti-Aging Fruit Stem Cell Serum contains hyaluronic acid and seaweed derived chondrus crispus extract. I talk about Hyaluronic Acid here.

Hyaluronic Acid just adds more Power to the Serum

Hyaluronic acid is a natural additive used in the making of many anti-aging creams. A glowing star and backed by lots of evidence. Actually, it’s just not a surprise that so many anti-aging formulas have this ingredient. After all, the body produces it’s own HA which declines as we grow older. If fact most of the time, our body doesn’t produce anymore after age 60. So….thus the addition of this valuable ingredient to anti-aging formulas.

  • HA studies found that it helps your body retain the exact amount of water in the tissues of the skin so it remains elastic.
  • Evidence shows that, because naturally occurring Hyaluronic acid typically is no longer present at the age of 60, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin, topically applying an anti-aging solution that contains HA will lead to more elastic and younger looking skin.
  • When HA is applied to the skin, chances are the process of premature aging will be slowed down.

So….the addition of HA ads just another demention of wrinkle reduction to this serum.

Now, for the Red Seaweed   

Chondrus Crispus, the Red Seaweed found in the waters of the Atlantic is also called Irish Sea Moss and pearl moss. It has lots of names and lots of wonderful vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. All of them good for your skin. I could list all 20 of them but suffice it to say that it’s amazing for your body and your skin.

Now, let’s find out what Amazon customers have to say:

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum. Anti-Aging Skin Cell Renewal Therapy…

4.5 out of 5 stars   71 customer reviews

At under 25.00, my thoughts are….hey it’s worth a try, especially considering all the good reports and the excellent rating. Here are a few testimonials:

ByLinda Templeon August 6, 2017

Verified Purchase
Love this product. It work in front of your eyes after 1 application. This is my third bottles of this product. I shared it with my girl friends. They can’t believe what they saw after one application. This is a very good product. Love it. Thank you.

ByIreneon September 18, 2017

Verified Purchase
Love this serum. My face feels so soft and my facial lines became minimum. My makeup goes on very smoothly. And looks flawless. Not sticky either. I use this night and day. Love love ❤️ this serum!

and one more:

ByYeoj311on May 1, 2017

Verified Purchase
So far i love it. Smells good and feels great.

So, this is the scoop, I really can’t find anything that would say “don’t try this product. I plan on ordering mine tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for reading and please, leave a comment! I love to read what you think and especially your comments after you’ve tried the products I recommend. Any questions? I’ll do what I can to help!

Here’s to your health, both inside and out 🙂





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