The Original GranMads!

Welcome to GranMads! Where we focus on products that fulfill the needs of those of us over 55. GranMoms and GranDads, singles or couples who need special products and advice formulated and written just for us Baby Boomers.

How we got from where we were to where we are

Not so long ago, we were Mom and Dad. Every day, all day long! Imagine hearing “Hey Mom” or ” I need you Dad” several times a day times 11! Yes, you read it right 11! 6 amazing sons and 5 terrific daughters and with that in mind, you can well imagine that we have a whole passle of Grands! 27 at last count! Yep, we’re GRANMAD! Crazy, for sure, but delightfully crazy! 38 bliss years of LocoFun!

And…our whole lives, we’ve used home remedies and natural products as often as possible, relying on prescriptions on a very far and few between basis. We’re focused on health and nature.  We’ve researched several companies, looking for natural, non prescription products for folks in our age group that have great reviews and that really work. and besides… Even if we don’t have college degrees, we are VERY educated and we have loads of advice to give! Thanks for stopping by and please come again!

Why do We want to bless you?

Heidi taIking: I grew up LOVING to serve others. My healer personality coming out I guess. The grand-daughter of a naturopath and ingrained 6th sense for the natural.

Now here’s where I want to get real: REAL loving, REAL caring and REAL focused:  

As much as we don’t like to admit it. We face challenges that we’ve never experienced before. I’ll bet you already have some of those challenges coming up in your head before your eyes wander forward. So, here’s an example we all face but women are the most sensitive about.  Wrinkles, especially the wrinkles everyone can see. Laugh wrinkles around our eyes, smile wrinkles, worry wrinkles and just plain old sagging wrinkle wrinkles. Anti-aging formulas are flooding the market left and right! So, Im offering you...Unique, all natural World Famous anti wrinkle formulas.

Jess here: Now, here’s one for the men: I’m not going to beat around the bush…especially when I’m bowling ball shiny on top! Balding and thin hair seems to be the “man’s curse” though I’ve heard it said that a man inherits that thinning from his mother’s side of the family. Our

Hair restoration system is WORLD FAMOUS and really works!

And we’re so excited to note (Since this is a website for those over 55, we’re going to talk “Adult”) We have products for couple too. For unique intimacy issues you may face in your Mature relationships. Sexual health is just as important now as it was when we were young! We don’t fall out of love as we get older, why should we have to change the way we demonstrate that very personal love and affection?

We really think we can offer you products and advice so, even if you’re not quite as GrandMad as we are, we can make your life easier, full of life and just plain old…BETTER than it is already.

So, let me wrap it all up by saying:

We want our last years to be our very best years! Our goal is to offer you products and services to that end!

If you’re looking for a specific product or if you just plain old need some good old fashioned advice, hit us up below. If I don’t know all of the answer, we’ll go beyond the extra mile and find the answer for you!  Feel free to leave a comment  below, we’d love to know how things are working out for you.

All the best,

Jess & Heidi Nuttall (The GranMads)

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