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 At last.. anti-aging supplements best breakthrough. This will change your thinking forever!

This morning, I again opened my trusty, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and turned to the section on anti-aging. There are literally thousands of topical remedies to keep us younger looking but what about the inside? What happens internally is reflected in our eyes and the smile on our face and….in the way we feel and act. Energy, vitality and health.

So with all that in mind, this article really caught my eye. Chapter 8 of Miracles from the Vault, an Anthology of Underground Cures. Put together by a team of PHMD’s dedicated to finding the very best natural alternatives to what ails ya.

Who is Dr. Mitchell Ghen. What has he done for “internal anti-aging”?

The first paragraph  of Chapter 8-Titled: An Anti-Aging Breakthrough that will change the way you think about taking supplements forever, mentions that Dr. Mitchell Ghen was asked to create a supplement that focused specifically on anti-aging. So…I went straight to youtube. Seems Dr. Ghen is an Author and he also has his own viewer audience on his informational “The Dr. Mitch Show” When asked if he would put this supplement together he had some conditions.

  1. it had to be absolutely the best, spectacular, awesome and like no other supplement ever formulated or manufactured. The best of the best, world wide!
  2. It had to be in ONE bottle…no more taking 100 pills for one purpose.

Upon agreement, he went to his supply of nutritional vitamins and minerals and it all happened from there. It would be quite a task to put every anti-aging nutrient, every vitamin and mineral people would need to fight time and weather in one little bottle but he, was up for the challenge. With 29 years of experience, he knew what to do.

So, he started with free radicals, inflammation, mitochondrial DNA and viscosity (ease of blood flow through the veins and arteries). With the focus on these 4 crucial areas and by adding lots of other natural ingredients that the body needs, he did it! An anti-aging wonder, RegeneCell!

1 Scoop a Day Keeps Old Age Away!

Antioxidant Marvel that hunts down and kills Free Radicals.

We all have seen the warnings about free radicals but to remind you, free radicals damage the blood cells, which advances the aging process. Antioxidants are the key  to preventing this damage. Dr. Ghen says that we’d have to eat at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to get enough antioxidant support to keep your blood cells healthy and ward of diseases and the effects of old age. ReGeneCells is loaded with antioxidants like: Vitamin C and green tea.

#2-Keeping Inflammation Under Control

I don’t know if you realize but…everything that goes wrong in our bodies as we age can be linked to inflammation. Inflammation actually is a good thing, letting us know there’s something wrong and it needs to be fixed, the deal is keeping it in check by giving the body what it needs to heal itself.

ReGeneCell is LOADED with anti inflammatory nutrients like Curcumin found in Turmeric, used in the orient as an anti-inflammatory. And another amazing thing…Curcumin also supports joint health. Added are royal jelly and quercetin, both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients.


Nothin like sluggish blood flow folks. As we age, our blood gets sticky which means less oxygen going where it’s needed most like the brain and the lungs and…our bodies produce more fibrin, a protein that leads to blood clotting.

So if blood flow is important, how do we make sure we stay alert? How do we keep our brains healthy and sharp? The answer? Nattokinase.

Natto, a Japanese food made from fermented soybeans has been part of that diet for over a millennium. Nattokinase, has been scientifically proven to beark down fibrin which helps stop the blood from becoming clumped and sticky. It also has 4 times the plasmin, which plays a part in dissolving blood clots.

From your head to your heart, your brain to your braun, ReGeneCell!

ReGeneCell helps your bones stay strong, your mind sharp, your immune system going strong and then…the most important part has to do with absorption. You see, all of these mind blowing nutrients are totally for naught if your body can’t use them so…The digestive system must also be healthy and functioning properly. ReGeneCell has the best nutrition for that too!

Fibersol-2 has dietary fiber. Lots of fiber…90% useful fiber for your digestive system. ReGeneCell also contains natural enzymes that promote absorption in the gut and arabinogalactins, a pre-biotic from the larch tree, that prepares and stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria.

I could say a whole lot more but what I have said should convince  you that this truly is a wonder formula for those who want to stay young. I will say that ReGeneCall is expensive but if you consider all of the bottles of vitamins, minerals and other supplements we take, not to mention the drugs for various ailments, the price ways in the balance.

You can purchase ReGeneCell from and for those of you who purchase  from my website, get 20% off by using the code WNSNS2AA




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