Best Diet and Exercise for folks over 50

Where do I begin? 

Well….. I said to myself. Let’s begin at the beginning and maybe the folks out there can relate. In truth, I’ll bet you can. You see, I’m just slightly over 55. (Okay fine…my 56th birthday was 2 weeks ago) I have a significant other, children and grandchildren. And…I’m overweight. Not just overweight, but overweight over and over again with some patches of slim, trim and sexy in between. I love the slim and sexy but I REALLY LOVE food! especially food with my family. Comfort food, sugary food and hot rolls with butter! Anyone else knows what I mean?

I generally eat healthy. Farm fresh eggs from our hens in the back yard. Fresh ground who;e wheat, home made bread, Casseroles and not much eating out. So…. I guess I could be bigger and fluffier, which I’m grateful I’m not. But here’s the deal…

Like a lot of folks in our age group, I’m not only overweight, I’m in constant pain. You see, a head on collision in June 2000, shattered my pelvis and injured my sciatic nerve. As the years have progressed, I find myself sitting more and walking less. Only doing what’s necessary on my feet. I all but gave up on exercise and even eating until my cramping, gurgling stomach made me get up and prepare something. I have become an in home, sedentary couch potato who thinks crocheting and punching computer keys are the ultimate in movement. I needed a different plan and I needed it desperately!

One Dark Day in the Middle of the Night…

I was at the end of my rope. I knew I had to do something. You see, those times I have been thin, trim and sexy, I experienced less pain. I had more energy and I could even play and enjoy my kids and grand kids. I remembered back to the time that being slim and healthy, was more important than eating sugar, starch and LOTS of comfort food. 

Now… I’ll let you know right here and now, that I’m a praying woman and I feel the Lord knows what’s best for me, even more than I do. With the same prayer on my lips from that dark day and night when I experienced a pain level much higher than I had in a long time, I began to peruse the internet. All of a sudden, I saw an email message come through, titled “Eating like Jesus Did, changed my life.” Of course, I opened it up and read through the information. This new program didn’t make sense to me. Loaded with Natural meats, high fats, some vegetables and hardly any carbs, it didn’t meet the standards of the FDA food pyramid or everything I’ve been taught all my life. On the other hand, I had done a ton of reading…. Information about the eating habits of pre-menopausal woman and how the diet needs to change for those of us on the post menopausal side of the hill. Everything I’ve read points to good fats and Lower carbohydrate eating.

But… I needed a plan to get me started.

I seem to do better when a menu is spelled out for me and then, when I’m in the habit, I generally keep the pace. Noticing that this program had a basic shopping list and a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks menu for 14 days and a 60-day money back guarantee. I purchased it.

And then…the up sell…

Generally, I do not like up sells! It seems to me that a program should be all-inclusive and I shouldn’t have to pay more. There were some up sells with this program that I skipped past. But then one popped up that had to do with exercise and that page gave me the option to answer several questions about me. My health issues, my age, my activity and energy levels etc. When I found they had a program just for me, I was ecstatic! I honestly had never had this happen and ALL with a 60 day, try this out, be completely satisfied, or we’ll refund you policy. I thanked GOD and purchased the exercise program.

And then, I got another surprise!

Absolute, instant support! Chat, phone and email support… I really couldn’t believe it. When we’re trying to lose weight, get healthy and get in shape, we need plenty of support.

And if you’re anything like me, overdoing it out of excitement happens all the time! I tend to overdo, especially when I start an exercise routine. And one more thing….

The Shepherd’s Diet is Straight from the Bible! 

Simple, healthy and user-friendly. Honestly, you own’t be losing anything but fat and low energy by trying this awesome plan, considering the no risk factor and….because everything can be downloaded to you computer, you’re really not out anything. If it’s too much for you know, you can always go back to it later.

This is an eating program for life!

I plan to stick to this plan indefinitely! Especially since I’ve only been on it for 2 days and I already feel better! It might be my imagination, but I feel stronger and it was even easier to get out of the car and walk around the store today! Another thing, I plan to use the menu for all of us…my 17 year old son who’s still at home and my husband. It’s just basic food.

I’ll be adding a few basic foods to this diet that it doesn’t call for like… Whole Wheat sour dough bread and a few more fruits but I can add those after the weight is down the toilet and my body is back to it’s slim, trim, toned and beautiful, the way God intended shape! 


After reading this post, I’m hoping and praying you’ll begin you health journey right along with me and… I promise to keep all of you updated on my progress 🙂

Please let me know how you’re doing and I’d love to be part of you support group, even though Kristina Wilds, Tyler Bramlett and their team will fulfill you every expectation.

Hope to see you in the comments. Happy, healthy baby booming to you and GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE!

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